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Happy, Healthy Babies

This little guy is a happy baby, probably the happiest baby I've ever been around (excluding my own, of course). He's constantly smiling, laughing, and bouncing on everybody. It's hard not to be happy when he's around. For many reasons.

His mother is one of our most hard-working sewing ladies. She is a fantastic cook and makes beautiful clothes for her children. She is mother to this little guy and a seven-year old daughter.

During her pregnancy we talked often about her pre-natal care. I came to find out that her daughter had been born at home in the village and that her daughter had been born in 15 minutes. I encouraged her to consider having her second child in a hospital, in case there were complications. We also encouraged her to get good pre-natal care, including vitamins, regular doctor check-ups and sonograms. These are things she hadn't done with her first child.

You should have seen the proud look on her face, every time she showed us her sonogram films, vitamins, and doctor's reports. We were on this pregnancy adventure together.

The months went by, and we all wondered when this bundle would arrive. Would it be a boy or a girl? Would the baby be healthy or would there be tragedy in store for all of us?

The time came. She made it to the women's hospital just in time! Her son was born in 10 minutes, healthy and robust. She wanted us to name the baby too, but we politely gave that honor to the elders of her family.

Every single one of our artisan ladies wants to have happy and healthy babies. Due to lack of education and awareness, some of them just don't know all the ways they can give their children a head start in life. It's a privilege to walk with our artisan ladies on this Healthy Baby campaign.

We've got another baby due to arrive any day now. We're all excited. Our Dekko family is growing and getting cuter every day!

Photo credit: Alicia Hatton 

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