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Turning the Tables

Our Dekko artisans always jump at the chance to have a party. Anything having to do with food and fun gets the green light from them. So when we suggested a big holiday party, they were all for it. Except we had a little twist for them...

Not only would we flood them with sugary homemade sweets at the party, we said we would apply henna on them. You could see the question marks above their heads. We foreigners were going to do henna designs on them? Did we foreigners know anything about henna?? Well...

Henna is a paste that temporarily stains skin. It's applied by cone, and a person with serious henna skills can make some of the most intricate designs you've ever seen. Flowers, fruits, animals, paisleys. Anything you can imagine. The designs can last for a week or longer, especially on fingernails. Usually for weddings or holidays, a woman will have her hands and sometimes feet henna-ed. 

Earthy. Flowery. Exotic. Love!
You can see the happy smiles on our artisans while they got their hands henna-ed. There were laughs and giggles, as our friends got to kick back and enjoy some pampering time. Some of the hardest-working women we know, it was a blast to serve them. I can't think of a better way to celebrate the holidays - reminding these amazing ladies of just how beautiful and unique they are.

It's a pleasure to be on the journey of empowerment with them. Thank you for being a part of this. Together we're making a beautiful difference.

Photo credits: Alicia Hatton and Jane Mellema

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