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Tips for a Fantastic and Fun Home Party

Two of our Home Party experts share their tips and experience on how to host a Home Party, have fun, and make a little cash too! Thanks to Ann and Kauri for your excellent thoughts. Both of these ladies have hosted several parties, and they've made close to $1,000 each, while having fun and sharing our Dekko story. We appreciate you, ladies! 

1. If the party is at someone else's home, I like to arrive 30 minutes to an hour early. That way I have plenty time to set up, then I can greet guests as they arrive.

2. If the party is at my own home, it can be a little stressful to answer the door, introduce guests, serve refreshments, share the story and take orders. So ask a good friend to be your helper. She can set up ahead of time, help serve drinks, answer the door, and just be extra hands for you!

3. I print out the prices of most items on card stock in a pretty font, cut them up, and place them next to the items so people know how much items cost.

4. Have a mirror so that people can try on pieces and feel confident purchasing them.

5. Fill out the after party form the next day before you forget or get mixed up. It is easier when it's fresh in your mind.

6. It might help if you don't think of it as a Home Party at all. I think of it as an opportunity to get a group of friends together for good food and fun.

7. It may be just as easy for you to provide a meal for your guests, instead of snacks. Your friends may work all week and want their weekends free. So perhaps Thursday night is a good time to offer a meal to your working friends, as well as the chance to socialize and shop.

8. I believe in what Dekko is doing. Knowing that these products are ethically made, that the artisans are being treated humanely in a caring community makes all the difference for me in my purchasing and hosting.

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