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How High Can You Go??

Kite-flying is a big deal in India, especially in winter when you can see hundreds of kites bobbing across the skyline. My kite can't even get five feet off the ground! But I love the picture of having your feet steady on the ground while your kite is hundreds of feet in the air. Makes me think of our amazing artisans...

Our artisans carry on traditional craftmaking and arts that started hundreds of years ago. Their roots are deep in the tradition and culture, a scope and magnitude that is sometimes hard for me to grasp with my New World mentality. I love to see a woman show her granddaughter how to sew and embroider, a man teaching his nephew an ancient folk song or wood-carving skills. Artisans know full well their heritage and responsibility in carrying it on.

But in a changing and fast-paced world, it's becoming more difficult for traditional crafts to maintain relevance and viability. Puppeteers and acrobats in India are losing their livelihoods, as villages no longer look to them for entertainment. However, artisans are a creative and courageous lot, determined to continue their traditions and provide a better life for their children.

One of our greatest passions is to give wings to our deeply rooted artisans so they can rise above their circumstances. We're helping them take control of their lives and build a better future, by giving them access to the global market and melding their traditional crafts with contemporary design.

Just like these kites in the sky, we want to see how high and far our families can go. Their children deserve a bright future, freedom to dream even bigger than their grandparents ever dreamed. I believe with a little help from some friends, we (including you!) can make their dreams come true.

How high will they go??

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