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A Good Job is Hard to Find

You know you have a good job when it involves laughing AND working...

I love this photo. It is completely unstaged, believe it or not. Nobody is posing or being told what to do. It's just a normal work shift.

We work together and laugh, and that's a gift. I know each one of these ladies like they were my sisters. I know which one is the jokester. Maybe you can tell from this photo! I know which one makes the most delicious chicken biryani (a rice dish never to be missed). I know which lady everybody runs to for a kind word when they've had a horrible day. 

Some people might not think we have so much common - when East meets West. Some people might think we'd have completely different jokes, stories, and personal values. I wish those people could sit down with us for just a few hours and see how much we really DO have in common. It's surprising, and it's humbling.

The ladies in this house have told me several times that they wish we would come work with them every day. They love to laugh and work, and somehow we Westerners tend to compound the humor. Just a few days ago we were all laughing so hard, I had tears in my eyes. And to think we're getting paid to work AND have this much fun.

Underneath it all, these ladies are grateful. They've been given an opportunity to be empowered and help give their children a better life. There's a joy in empowerment, in the knowledge that you can make a difference in your family's life. Empowerment is helping these women unearth their talents, skills, and capacities to make change. That's HUGE! And that's a great reason to smile.

Photo credit: Brady Black

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  • Elaine

    What a wonderful picture, and beautiful smiles! :)

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