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Open House in Chattanooga!

Thanks to all of you who keep visiting and buying—your support means a lot to all of us at Dekko! Don’t forget that you can keep up and get in touch with us through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

So what's happening right now?

It’s Open House Time!
We are especially excited about our Open House on June 18th. We’ll have new Dekko products to feature, but this isn’t just a chance to shop for impact, it’s going to be fun, too. There will be a grill with hamburgers and hot dogs, music, snacks, and a special treat—our operations managers (Shane and Alicia) are in from India to answer all your Dekko merchandise questions.

Quite often through the blog and social media, we share about the impact your purchases make for our Dekko artisans. This Saturday, you have the unique opportunity to pick up any item at the Open House and say to Shane & Alicia, “Tell me about the women who made these scarves,” or “What is the significance behind the design in the silver bracelet?” If you’ve purchased items through the site or at a previous open house, they would love to tell you the story behind about those items, too! This really is a special opportunity to experience some of the cross-cultural partnership that goes on in India when you browse Dekko items.        

So what new Dekko items are to be featured?

Pillows made from recycled saris...

Beautiful hand-carved stamps...

And a great selection of new jewelry, scarves, paper diaries, and more you’ve come to expect from Dekko...

We hope to see you there, shopping for yourselves and picking up gifts for friends and family! Your purchases are a tremendous vote of confidence for our artisan families in India, and we hope they brighten your day here in the States as well.

What: Dekko Open House with Shane and Alicia
When: June 18th 10am-4pm (lunch from 11 - 1pm)
Where: Dekko Warehouse Boutique,
1823 Rossville Avenue, Chattanooga, TN 37408

Photo credit: Trish Riley, Susie Helton, Shane Hatton

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