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Chattanooga MAINx24Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone! We hope it was a great holiday of rest and rejoicing with family & friends.

One of the things we’re most thankful for this year is our neighborhood. We just marked 10 years of living in our house in Tennessee. We bought it at the pre-recession market peak, and paid too much, but we’ve long since learned that this little corner of the universe is right where we needed to be. This house has been the only home our kids have ever known, and given us some great experience in what it means to be a neighbor.

When we moved in, every house on our street was almost solidly filled with retired couples. We were the youngest people there by at least 30+ years! I’m pretty sure we now hold the record for most children in one house (3 and one on the way!). Our kids are an endless source of entertainment and curiosity for the rest of the neighborhood. Our neighbors love seeing the girls climb in our trees or run down to the road to tell passersby the latest news in life.

When you have that built-in welcoming committee, starting relationships is easier (as Shane & Alicia can also attest to with their kids!). We’ve learned about all the different cultures represented even in our immediate proximity. We’ve got neighbors who are lifelong Tennesseans who could write the book on Southern hospitality, Midwesterners who are always willing to tell things straight, and others from Mexico who are embracing American life right down to the backyard trampoline.

This is certainly true for our next-door neighbors, who lived in Japan for decades. Whenever we have extra food (or dessert) leftover, someone in the house will run over and give them a plate of something. Per Japanese custom, when our Tupperware is returned, there is always a gift for us in it. They have given us tasty leftovers, pepper jelly, and various other things over the years. This is their way of showing thankfulness, and not returning a gift with a gift is considered rude.

Speaking of community... if you're in Chattanooga this Saturday, come to the Southside for the MAINX24 festival! Come visit our warehouse boutique just off Main Street, and see all the new items that our artisans have lovingly made! You can express your thankfulness in giving and receiving, especially during this Christmas season. Our artisans have poured their heart and craftsmanship into the great items available right now, and your purchase is a way to show them how much you care for them, while also providing a blessing for your loved ones with a great gift.

This year, Dekko has a lot of wonderful new items, from hand-crafted metal jewelry to baby clothes. You can check them out in person at our open house, this Saturday, December 2! Be sure to visit during the Mainx24 festival.  

What: Dekko Trading Open House

When: Saturday, December 2, 10:00am – 4:00pm

Where: Dekko Warehouse, 1458 Madison St. (just off Main Street) Chattanooga, TN 37408

Who: Everyone!

Photo credits: Susie Helton, Daniel Foley 

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