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No Goodbyes

We don't say goodbye here at Dekko. We say see you later. So, see you later, Sylvia! Our design intern and her sparkly smiles will be missed by each one of us.

We have been inspired by what inspires her. She captured people and moments in a beautiful way with her camera.

What are Sylvia's thoughts on her time here? In her own creative way and words...

178 days…
178 days of culture shock
178 days of scooters rides in crazy traffic
178 days of camels, elephants, and peacocks
178 days of learning a new language and new script
178 days of rickshaws
178 days of bargaining over prices
178 days of dal chaval, roti and paneer
178 days of lovely sewing ladies and their families
178 days of awesome co-workers I will miss
178 days of sand in my shoes
178 days of bucket baths
178 days of laughs and memories
178 days of growth
178 days of India

We wish Sylvia all the best in the next phase of her life. You'll always have a place in our hearts. And a place to stay in India.



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