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Reach High, Dream Deep

Ever since I could remember, I had dreams of faraway places. China in particular held my utmost fascination.

I remember going to a Disney World at a young age. I found myself in a 360 degree theater featuring China and the Great Wall. At one point a herd of horses was rushing towards us, and my heart pounded from excitement. I couldn't imagine a place any more captivating than the Far East.

When I was six years old, I told all the kids in my class that I was Chinese. I obviously didn't look Chinese and still don't. So I explained that I had been born in China and that's how I was Chinese. I remember feeling so special and pleased with myself! I didn't feel so special when the teacher informed my mother of my little lie. Punishment, of course, ensued...

When does a fleeting interest or phase become a deep dream? A real part of who you are?

I never would have guessed that I would end up being based in India. Of course, I would have assumed China. Or Japan. I had read many books on the Far East during my teenage years. I even tried to learn Japanese. That didn't work out so well....but I kept dreaming and reading.

Some kids dream about being doctors or soldiers. Some dare to dream of travelling the world and all kinds of adventures. Throughout my childhood career of dreaming, I had visions of being a brain surgeon, President of the United States, an oceanographer, and a high-altitude mountain climber. Not to mention that I blanch at the sight of blood, don't know how to swim, and am not really a fan of snow OR politics.

I wonder, what do the little girls of India dream about? Do they have permission to dream deep and reach high?

The little girl in the photo above lives next door to one of our biggest sewing families. She is the sweetest thing and always smiles. But her parents feel it's a waste of time and money to send her to school. She's never been to school. Can't even write the number one or two...and she's six years old. It breaks my heart. Does she deserve more?

We believe in daring our artisans' daughters to dream. Giving them a little nudge to help them reach higher in life. I often ask the girls what they want to be when they grow up, and they still struggle to give an answer. The culture says they will get married, have children, and take care of their in-laws. Is this all the future holds for them?

An amazing thing is that these girls are seeing their mothers be trained and empowered, as they work for us. And that gives the little ones hope, as they see their mothers being transformed. As the girls press on with their education, read books about other places and inspiring people, even go on field trips in the city to see that there's so much to learn, explore, and experience! This is the birthplace of dreams. 

Dignity realized. Dreams ignited. Not just breaking the ceiling. We're talking about raising the floor. One home, one life at a time. She deserves a chance. 

Photo credit: Sylvia King 

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