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More Than Meets the Eye (Part 1)

*** Written by production manager, Jane Mellema ***

I would say my quality was middle of the line. Many of my peers of different designs and colors considered me mediocre, even cheap. However, I knew there was more to value than meets the eye. I continued to hold on to my sense of worth. One woman considered me worth purchasing! That was enough for me. I would be satisfied with this simple life. Or would I?

The day I left the dark dingy shop, my heart pounded with anticipation. Where would I be? Who would wear me? For what occasion? I saw a glimpse of bright sunlight before I was quickly stuffed into a bag. Not much better than the shop, yet I believed I was headed somewhere better. Soon we arrived at a home. I was taken out of the bag by soft hands that gently smoothed over me in an attempt to examine my quality. I was wrapped in sparkly paper and stowed away.

The doorbell rang. “Namaste! How are you! Happy Diwali!” It was the beginning of the biggest festival in our city. The servant walked through the door and began her usual routine of sweeping and hand washing the marble floors. After the work was completed, I felt myself being placed into a second set of hands. Soon I was carried, unopened and undiscovered, away from the home of my buyer. 

Upon arrival at our next destination, I was opened, and I saw a much simpler, one-room home with concrete floors. This was where the servant lived. In her eyes, I was very beautiful. Yet her employer would never see her wear me. No. This young woman who worked intensely to find the most basic living would not keep me for herself. I was to be a gift for her daughter. 

In the first year, the servant's daughter wore me for a special celebration. I was novel and beautiful. After that day, I was worn more freely for any occasion. When food stains and oil marks appeared in the folds of my material, I considered them signs that I was loved and well used.

Then the day came when an unknown man appeared at the door. I, along with a few of my peers, was exchanged for a small sum of rupees. What did this mean? Where were we going? Surely this man’s intention was not to wear us? Maybe a gift for his wife?

I became disoriented and confused after being stuffed into a bundle with about fifty others like me. I considered myself more important and valuable than all of these nameless strangers. A few days passed by in darkness, and I realized that we were all equals, plucked from the hands of our owners and pushed out into the unknown.

To be continued....

Photo Credit: nevil zaveri via Compfight cc

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