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Survival Tips for Driving a Scooter in India

Survival tips for driving a scooter in India (by Jane Mellema) 

Always expect the unexpected.

Learn to love horns. Honk as you approach intersections. Honk as you pass. Imagine your horn as an invisible magical shield and cling to its imaginary power. Remember, not all horns are directed at you, but most probably are.

Always drive extremely defensively. Keep your guard. You never know what vehicle, person or animal may pop (or poop) out of nowhere in front of you to test the quality of your brakes. 

Always drive offensively, without thinking. If you hesitate, you will never move.

When turning onto a road, never look to see who is coming. Just drive out. You have the right of way. Or is there a right of way? Just GO! The others will maneuver around you. 

If you find yourself caught in a swarm of motorcycles and scooters, get out quickly. It can easily become an erratic, dangerous mess of maneuvering individuals.

Just because you have a green light, don’t assume it’s a straight shot. Proceed with caution. 

When attempting to cross busy streets, slip in with a pack of vehicles as they inch across the road; traffic is more likely to slow down for a group.

It is okay to drive into oncoming traffic temporarily until you get a chance to merge over onto the left side of the road.

Remember, driving is not a game.

And if you have a problem with anger or cursing, you should not drive in India!

Photo credit: Brady Black

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