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Open House in Chattanooga!

This past weekend saw our first Open House in Chattanooga - amazing! The warehouse was transformed into a fancy boutique through a remarkable group effort. Thanks to everybody who gave their time, talent, and creative energy for this incredible event!

People checked out new creations by our amazing artisans - like these adorable baby shoes. Great choice!

Yummy and warm Indian chai (recipe here), also tasty authentic sweets and savories were enjoyed by all. We almost ran out of chai on the first night!

The main star of the show - our artisan families. Their stories, their hopes and dreams reflected in every product. We wouldn't be doing what we're doing, if it weren't for these amazing and brave families. Never forgotten, always close to our hearts.

In every bracelet, scarf or diary, you and I stay connected to these beautiful people in our global Dekko family. Love being a part of the local AND global community! Check out their new creations here.

Want to host a Dekko home party? We can help!

Photo credits: Susie Helton, Kay Newton

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