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You're Building Community!

Over the past several weeks, there have been bunches of Dekko home parties happening all over the States. We're thrilled to see YOU building this community! Thanks to everybody for clearing their calendars, opening their homes, and giving their time. You're making a difference, locally and globally!

Did your pic get clicked at a Dekko home party?? (Is that our famous masala chai recipe?)

Love how men are a big part of our Dekko community too. It takes both! (Love that eternal beaded scarf!)

This little guy was a great helper at a recent home party. He cleared off a shelf or two so that more products could be displayed. We love our hosts, including the kiddos!
And if speaking at Dekko home parties was like training for a triathlon, this woman would be an Ironwoman by now. You're amazing, Susie! And she'd be happy to speak at your next home party too ;)
Community as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. We believe community is local AND global - local heart, global feet. Love being connected with the beautiful people in our global Dekko family - the artisans, home party hosts and guests, management and design team, all our friends. You're helping to build this caring community, which believes in empowerment, hospitality, generosity, right to work and education, just doing the right thing. Love being in this community with you!

Got more home party pix? Please send to us!

Photo credits: Susie Helton, Devan Draper . 

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