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The Golden Arches

When we first shifted to India, one of the last places I wanted to go was McDonald's. It seemed so Western, so mass produced, so boring. All that changed after a few years in India, a new-found appreciation for any establishment with Air Con, and the boy. Not that I run to the Golden Arches every chance I get, but I'm a bit intrigued by this fast food phenomenon in India.

McDonald's has to do some serious market research to figure out what's going to fly or fail in a new country market. India has GOT to be its most unique market. No beef or pork. None. Doesn't that kinda seem like McDonald's thing? 'Where's the beef?' comes to mind, but that's from a different joint, for all of us who remember that one (!). So what does that leave you with? Chicken, fish, and lots of veg options. The possibilities are actually limitless.

I have to hand it to McDonald's. It is certainly not the cheapest food option in India but quite popular among people who can afford it. It has become a status symbol for the middle class and college students. And they're doing a bang-up job of tantalizing their customers' taste buds. Pretty much everything is spicy or extra spicy. Take these options: McSpicy Chicken. Big Spicy Paneer Wrap. Chicken Maharaja Mac. McVeggie. McAloo Tikki.

I've decided I much prefer McDonald's with a generous dose of Indian spice. Masala makes everything better. And I appreciate the Air Con. Let's be honest.

So, what are you gonna order first??    

Photo Credit: Shane Hatton   


  • Dekko Trading

    Donna, so true! The French fries taste almost exactly the same as in the States. But there’s one big difference between McD’s in India and in the States……portion sizes. I think they give pretty ample portions in India, but when we were in the States last time, I could not believe how HUGE the portions were. I don’t think people realize how massive the portion sizes are in the States until you travel overseas. Amazing. alicia

  • Donna Reed

    I too found McDonalds to be unique experience in India. But was relieved that the French fries were still good to me! Not being able to grab a quick sandwich for lunch was one of the most difficult adjustments for me in my nearly 2 month visit.

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