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I had a revelation recently. I've never been a style guru. Never could keep track of the colors of the season or the newest 'must have' piece of jewelry. The extent of my fashion forays has been keeping an eye on my stylish friends and bad mimicry.

So what did I realize? There's nothing wrong with being stylish. And being honest about the fact that you're not the style guru. Hence the need to put forth a little bit of effort. That's it. Simple. Done. Better style should be knocking on my door in about three seconds.

So I'm starting my Pursuit of Style and thought you'd be interested in the journey. My first topic? The statement necklace. The modern trend of the statement necklace hit way back in 2009. However, the statement necklace clearly has a long history in India and ancient Egypt. The Cleopatra collar necklace sported lapis, carnelian, and pure gold. Gulp! 

There seems to be one rule for statement necklaces - the bigger, the better. Statement necklaces are wearable art. They are the conversation starter, the show stopper, the jaw dropper. Bold, bright colors and metallics are the thing. Statement necklaces can be geometric collars, earthy baubles, or sparkly bib design.

I read that it's important to keep the rest of your look simple and sleek, since the statement necklace is doing all the talking. There shouldn't be any need to wear more jewelry, except maybe subtle posts. You could wear statement necklaces with an oxford shirt or a tank top, jeans or little black dress.

Honestly, statement necklaces must have been born in India. This is the land of making serious statements when it comes to jewelry.

Middle and upper class Indian ladies aren't wearing costume jewelry. This is ALL gold and a little silver thrown in for good measure. These ladies don't tuck their wealth away in a bank account. They wear it, and it's a sight to behold. I've never seen so much gold in my life. India is the world's largest single consumer of gold, as Indians buy around 25% of the world's gold. China would be in second place, and the United States a very distant third.

Tribal people in India, however, are a different story in terms of statement jewelry. The tribals of western Rajasthan would be my particular favorite. It's big, bold, and massive amounts of silver. Lots of layering and jaunty attitude. I find it inspiring.

We have a few statement necklaces on our website, like our Rose/Amber choker with Brass Pendant. As new Dekko creations hit the website soon, you'll see more statement jewelry. Inspired by beautiful Indian nomads, made by our amazing Indian artisans!

So what do you think? Can you rock a massive statement necklace every day? Are you more of a subtle statement maker on Friday nights? Don't own a statement necklace at all? Can we change that??

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  • Curiosityscat123

    I Love Statement necklaces! My favorite go to that I used to wear daily is a gold 3" pendant with 2 Ancient Constantine Coins inlayed vertically, they have so much petina as to be black, and there are 2 Australian opals inlayed on each side. Unfortunately, with the cost of gold, I had to stop wearing it daily for fear it would make me a target for grab & dash the

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