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Lions, Tigers, and Bears!

Artisan kidsWe recently took several of our artisan kids to the zoo. They'd never been to the zoo, not once. So we decided to change that. Dressed in their finest clothes, they got to see animals they'd never seen before in real life. The lion was a big hit. They kept their distance from the roaring tiger. They were convinced the crocodiles weren't real, and we even got to see dancing peacocks. We had a blast! It's a day none of us will ever forget.

But I wonder how many kids get the opportunity to see something amazing? How many kids really know how special they are?   

Empowerment means better education options for our artisan kids. It's about broadening their horizons and helping them see their own potential. Helping them see how BIG the world is and what wonderful things there are to discover.

Our artisan families are able to send their children to better schools. Many kids are able to take tuition classes, which helps them excel even more in school. Girls are going to school who haven't gone to school in years, because their parents didn't have consistent work in a caring community.

When you purchase Relationally Manufactured and fair-trade products, you help empower artisan families and give hope to their kids. That's something you can feel good about. And that's Style with a Conscience!

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