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Emerald & Mauve Saree Bowtie

Emerald & Mauve Saree Bowtie

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These unique accessories are perfect for weddings, family photos, or any occasion where a little boy you know wants to stand out from the crowd.  Not only do they make a fashionable statement, but since you know they're handmade from upcycled sarees, providing an opportunity for meaningful work to Indian artisans, they're making a values statement as well. 

This item is shades of emerald and kelly green, and dusty pinks to mauves. It's a big swirling pattern with lots of variation in pattern from one bowtie to the next.

Bright and beautiful, the handmade and upcycled nature of these bowties means that no two will ever be the same.  The product you receive will not be exactly what's shown in the photo, just made from the same length of material.

Adjustable up to 15".  This bowtie is pretied and clips on with a simple metal clip.